Drought conditions worsen across Central Alabama

ALABAMA (WIAT) — With long stretches of no rain, drought conditions are getting worse across Central Alabama. Dried up land and vegetation are not just fueling fires, but also putting a strain on farmers.

At Old Baker Farm, Jerry Baker says luckily they got enough rain during the planting season for corn and cotton that their crop is okay, but now any crops planted later are struggling. He says they are lucky to have irrigation and natural springs on their property, but he also says it is still not the same as a good rain.

He’s pumping water from his property to someone across the way to try and help get water for the cows.

“We are pumping water out of that pond and getting it to his cows so he wouldn’t have to sell all his cows because the price of cows has gone way down and you don’t like to sell them when they are cheap. You like to get a good price. So, hopefully that’ll help him hold on to them, but the hay is really hurt this year,” Baker said.

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