Roebuck Municipal Golf Course waters green strategically during ongoing drought

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As the drought conditions worsen, many businesses are making tough choices about how to handle the water supply. That’s especially true at golf courses, where keeping the green green is a big part of the day.

At Roebuck Municipal Golf Course, they’re still watering the course, but Pro Shop Manager Clark Medley says they’re doing it strategically, waiting until the early evening and overnight hours.

Medley says the course is also using a nearby spring for water, one that’s supplied water even in drought years past.

“We’re fortunate not having to depend on a lake that’s gone down. That spring has never gone dry yet, even in real dry seasons. It keeps going real good. We’ve pumped several hundred gallons now, but it can only just do so much,” said Medley.

There is some good news from the drought, Medley says. Because of the cooler temperatures and dry weather, October has been a good month for business, especially since little rain has fallen during prime golfing hours.

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