One Class at a Time: Oak Grove High School

BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) – The Oak Grove High School band has an extra $1,000 in their account thanks to the generous One Class at a Time sponsors: American’s First Financial, Pepsi, and Little Caesars! This week’s check giveaway was unique.

The assistant band director who applied for the grant was not at Oak Grove High School the day of the check presentation. Mason McFarland was at an off-campus meeting. So, we improvised! McFarland learned about his winnings via Facetime, and the head band director accepted the check on McFarland’s behalf.

“I’m just so happy for those guys sitting in the room and for our band program and our school. It’s going to be totally awesome. And it’s totally taken me by surprise, so that’s awesome,” McFarland said.

McFarland says that the $1,000 will go towards making improvements to the band hall that will allow for better practice time.

“After we get new doors put in our practice rooms, we’re going to put Smart Music computers in there. So every one of those practice rooms is going to have a computer in it, and they’re going to be able to practice their music anytime they want,” said the head band director, Richard Adams.

Adams says that McFarland’s “crusade” to create Smart Music practice rooms will help the band program immensely.

“It bridges the gap between band director and private teacher. Now we get to be involved in the one-on-one study as well,” Adams said.

If you would like to win a One Class at a Time grant, all you have to do is click here and tell us why your class deserves the money. Next week, we might stop by your school with a giant check in hand!

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