City leaders, community organizations kick off 100 Days of Nonviolence

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Birmingham City Councilor Jay Roberson believes the 100 Days of Nonviolence campaign is having an impact in the city.

He said Friday that over the last 5 years, not one person under the age of 18 has died from what he calls a senseless violent act.

“Young people have believed in this campaign. They’ve believed in the pledge and so for the next 100 days here we have young men stepping up to be young men and leaders in their community,” Roberson said.

Nearly 100 young men gathered inside city hall to take the pledge Friday. They join almost 15,000 others across the country.

“I hope they take inspiration and inspire others to do what I’m doing and make themselves better in every way they can,” Maalik Thompson said. He’s a member of one of the organizations partnering with the campaign.

Several organizations are partnering up to hold events throughout the city. This year’s theme is building relationships between young black men and law enforcement. Something Maalik says is already happening.

“I have police officers in my school and, you know, they talk to us on a regular basis,” he said.
Below is a list of community events planned during the 100 days. You can always head to their website for more information.

– Magic City Classic Children’s Book drive

– Midnight Basketball Tournament
– Book Bags for the Homeless

– Gun Buy Back
– Neck Tie Drive/Etiquette Dinner Seminar

– MLK Day 5K Drum Run
– 100 Days of Nonviolence
– Community Service MLK Day Event
– 100 Days of Nonviolence parade
– 100 Days of Nonviolence teen summit
– Police Community Summit

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