Halloween decorations being stolen from yards throughout Birmingham area

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Police are getting several reports of stolen Halloween items from Homewood and Vestavia Hills areas.

In the Liberty Park community, Eric Fessler had two inflatables stolen from his yard Thursday valued at more than $200. Fessler says he bought them for his son’s enjoyment.

“It’s incredibly disappointing, the look of bewilderment on my son’s face, you’re in shock you don’t really know what to say when something like this happens,” Fessler said.

In Homewood behind Trinity Church, on Saulter road, Grove Place, and on East Hawthorne, there were reports of pumpkins, skeletons, and other Halloween decorations stolen from front porches this week.

Lindsey Ring’s home was not hit this week, but she has been a victim. She lives off Manhattan St. behind Trinity Church.

“This is on Halloween night several years ago my daughter was three and standing in front of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin at the time she was in love with Mickey shortly after a night or two it was stolen,” said Ring.

Ring says it was $200, but it was all about what it meant to her daughter.

“She cried and I was not able to order another one. I put up a poster in front of our house to kind of shame the person who did that for them to realize that it was more than stealing, that it made my child sad,” said Ring.

Police say a lot of times it’s kids stealing items as pranks, but it’s no laughing matter someone can face some stiff penalties for stealing.

“People need to understand there are serious consequences behind stealing property that belongs to someone else and they could face jail time,” said Tuscaloosa Police chief Steven Anderson

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