Rachel on the Road: Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea

BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — Milo and Beatrice Carlton started Milo’s Hamburger Shop back in 1946. After returning from World War II, he made the American dream a reality for his entire family. His granddaughter, Tricia Wallwork, is now the CEO at the Milo’s Sweet Tea factory.

The famous sweet tea came about during a sugar shortage, actually. Milo did not have enough sugar to make all the pies and to supply it on the tables for customers to sweeten their tea, so he decided to sweeten the tea ahead of time in order to have enough for both.

At first, this change was not appealing to the customers, until they actually tried his tea. They realized it was better than they could make themselves! Click here to read more on the history of Milo’s Sweet Tea and to find out about all the new flavors being sold now, including Organic USDA certified teas.

Don’t miss next week’s Rachel on the Road! We are taking you to a hidden gem that’s been serving something for quite some time!

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