Ceremony held to honor Fallen Firefighters

TUSCALOOSA- Saturday firefighters across Alabama came together to honor fallen heroes.

It was 13th year the Alabama Fire Service has held a ceremony to honor the fallen firefighters from fire departments around the state. The ceremony was in Tuscaloosa at the Alabama Fire college.

Family members were given their loved ones fire department uniform badge and an American flag. They were then taken to the Alabama Firefighter memorial were their names are now added. Heather Christiansen and her family came to honor Ronald Gilmore. He served with Fairfield fire department serving more than 30 years.

“He constantly cared about others instead of just himself, he was the best man you could ask for as far as father goes he is greatly missed,” said Christiansen.

Joyce Brooks and her family are honoring Ivor Brooks. He served with the Birmingham Fire Department.

“To come together today with family and friends because fire service is a brotherhood and it’s a family to pause to recognize their service and see this memorial it’s just beautiful,” said Brooks.

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