College campus crime headlines have students concerned

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Crimes on college campuses across the country are constantly in the headlines, including local universities like the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

CBS42 News spoke with a number of UAB students who worry about being on campus at night. Some of those students say they feel safer on some parts of campus as opposed to others.

UAB has two libraries: The Mervyn H Sterne Library on 13th Street and the Lister Hill Library on University Boulevard between 16th and 18th Street.

Many students say they don’t feel as safe at the Lister Hill Library at night because they don’t see as much security as they do at Sterne. Some students we spoke with also say they don’t feel safe because of recent crimes they have heard about on or near campus.

However, some students say they feel safe on campus at night because they see plenty of UAB Police patrolling campus.

There are emergency help stations located all across campus. If students feel like they’re in danger, they can just hit the help button and campus police will respond to their location as soon as possible.

We reached out to UAB for comment about some of the students’ safety concerns, but have not heard back at this time.

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