Local registration rally targets millennials

Attorney Chuantae Brown organized an event Sunday evening to help inform and encourage millennials to participate in the November local and national elections.

“I’m pretty much just trying to encourage people to come out here and use their voice and let them know that their vote counts. It absolutely matters,” said Brown.

Brown is a criminal defense attorney in Birmingham, and she says she’s heard a lot of complaints about the upcoming elections, particularly among millennials.

“They really don’t think it’s that important to vote,” she said.

But on November 8, Alabama will also be selecting candidates to fill state and local positions in the legislature and the judiciary.

“Those people can affect your life immediately, so I wanted to express to people that we may not be happy with what’s going on, but what can we do to try to change that,” she explained.

Those who attended Brown’s event had the opportunity to hear from some of the local candidates and get help registering to vote online or filling out a paper registration form.

Justin Evans says that’s why he came.

“As soon as I walked in she showed me a way that I could do it on my phone. She took me to AlabamaVotes.gov,” said Evans.

He also encouraged others to attend.

“If you don’t voice your opinion or practice your right to vote, then how can you really argue with the things that are going on,” he said.

Brown also provided forms and assistance to people who have lost their voting rights due to their criminal history. They can fill out and submit an application requesting to have their voting rights reinstated.

After the event, Brown left copies of all the forms at Magnolia Cafe on 23rd Street South so that anyone who missed the event could pick one up before the deadline.

Voters have until October 24th to register.


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