Gary Palmer discusses claims of rigged election at town hall

KIMBERLY, Ala. (WIAT) — There is a short list of high profile republicans in Alabama who have withdrawn their support of Donald Trump: Governor Robert Bentley, rep. Bradley Byrne, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, and congresswoman Martha Roby.

Roby is facing backlash, including a write-in candidate to challenge her in the Alabama’s second district for the November election. These were all in response to the 2005 comments heard on tape of Trump describing himself groping and kissing women without their permission.

We wanted to find out how Republican leaders in the state are responding to the claims of a rigged election. We caught up with sixth congressional district representative Gary Palmer at a town hall meeting in Kimberley tonight.

He met with constituents to discuss current events. So we asked him about whether he thought Alabama had a problem with anything that could be considered voter fraud today.

“I don’t know of anything that’s been going on in Alabama lately. You know, years ago there was a lot of issues regarding polls closing in certain polling places and voting from people who didn’t show up to vote that day,” Palmer said.

Alabama secretary of state John Merrill issued a statement regarding Alabama elections and cyber security. He says he asked the state’s election systems vendor to complete a review of Alabama’s system and that no breaches have occurred.

Merrill says the system is strong: “We will continue to review our systems to ensure that we do not allow any personal data or elections results to ever be compromised in this way.”

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