Pat Dye says plaintiff who filed lawsuit is ‘crazy’

Auburn head coach Pat Dye (center) rushes onto the New Orleans superdome field with his players and an Alabama State Trooper after his team beat Michigan, 9-7, in the Sugar Bowl, Monday night, Jan. 3, 1984 in New Orleans. (AP Photo)

MACON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye is speaking out after a lawsuit was filed against him.

The suit was filed Thursday in civil court. It claims Dye crashed his car into another driver then allegedly held the plaintiff against his will.

We spoke to Dye, who says the lawsuit is simply a scam to get money.

“If I did anything wrong, it wasn’t intentional and I sure didn’t keep him hostage. He never went in my house,” Dye said.

Dye admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel on July 6th after having lunch in Auburn, crashing into a vehicle driven by the plaintiff near Notasulga. However, he says that’s where his fault ends.

“He’s crazy,” Dye said. “We were doing everything we could to get him home, and then he said I was intoxicated. It was 12 in the middle of the afternoon, and I had just eaten lunch in Auburn, and I don’t have a drink until late afternoon.”

The lawsuit, which runs 12 pages, also names an employee of Dye’s as a defendant. Dye says the man gave the plaintiff a ride home and says he has no knowledge that there was any kind of altercation between them.

Dye said he has not consulted an attorney, because he hasn’t done anything wrong. “I don’t think this man came up with him on his own. I think a lawyer got to him. If they think I have money, they’re wrong,” he said.

CBS 42 News reached out to the plaintiff’s attorney who filed the lawsuit, but we have not heard back.

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