Breakdown of amendments on upcoming ballot

(WIAT) — We are just hours away from heading to the polls. We’ve been talking mainly about the race for president, but you are also going to see a cluttered ballot with fourteen different amendments.

Here’s a breakdown of what many of them mean:


1- This amendment has to do with the Auburn University’s Board of Trustees and adding more members. A ‘yes’ vote would expand the board. The purpose is to add more diversity to the board.

2- This amendment deals with Alabama’s 21 state parks, which many of them are in Central Alabama. If you like going to Oak Mountain or Cheaha State park, you’ll want to pay attention to his amendment. A ‘yes’ vote would leave money generated by state parks in state parks. That means revenue cant be taken to fund anything else. We’ve seen this over that past few years, where lawmakers have had the parks send millions of dollars to fund other agencies. This amendment would also allow for private groups to run different things at state parks like hotels, golf course and restaurants.

10- This amendment deals with Calhoun County and wanting to keep other police agencies from coming in and potentially adding a 1.5 percent tax on power bills to fund those agencies without your permission. A ‘yes’ vote would ensure that the county would only be subject to police located entirely or partially in the county.

11- Leaders of larger cities are pushing for a ‘yes’ vote on this amendment. It would essentially provide more incentives for economic development. Huntsville’s mayor says this will make Alabama more competitive in attracting big business at large industry sites.

14-This is an important amendment that impacts about 600 local bills. It is essentially a procedural amendment, but voting ‘no’ would make about 600 bills unconstitutional. That includes the vote to impose a tax in Chilton County to fund a hospital. Eighty percent of voters voted in favor of the one cent sales tax to fund a new hospital. If amendment 14 fails, that would be in jeopardy.

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