Confident Clinton boosts down-ballot focus, Trump cautions against “crooked” media

Hillary Clinton’s biggest super PAC helper is following her lead and trying to help deliver a Democratic Senate.

Priorities USA says it is beginning television advertisements aimed attacking Pennsylvania Sen. Patrick Toomey and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. The two Republicans are in tight contests with Democratic hopefuls. The ads will also target Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.

Feeling comfortable with her lead, Clinton has increased her down-ballot focus in these final weeks of the race.

The super political action committee has spent more on TV than anyone other than the Clinton campaign itself. Priorities also said Tuesday that it will spend more than $1 million trying to make a case to elect her in typically Republican-leaning Georgia.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump says the media is “more crooked than crooked Hillary,” Clinton, his Democratic presidential rival.

The comment in Grand Junction, Colorado, comes as Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, have complained that the Nov. 8 election is going to be, “rigged.” They say there are two reasons: One, the news media is colluding with Clinton by reporting that multiple women accuse him of sexually assaulting them. Trump additionally insists there will be fraud at the polls on Election Day.

Trump earlier advised his supporters to ignore mainstream news outlets and instead “read the internet.”

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