Family of 2014 murder victim looking for justice on anniversary of her death

TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Two years ago Tuesday night– was the last night of Theresa Benn’s life.

Benn went missing in the early morning hours of October 19, 2014. Her estranged husband told police he’d last seen her when he dropped her off near the Talladega Superspeedway.

Kevin Dulaney told police that the pair had spent the evening together and gotten into an argument. He said his wife said she wanted to go to the race track and asked to be dropped off about three miles away, at the corner of Speedway Blvd. and Eastaboga Road.

On Nov. 22, a volunteer search party found Benn’s body in Chocolocco Creek about month later, not far from that intersection.

Her throat had been slashed, investigator Amanda Crow with the Lincoln Police Department confirmed Tuesday.

To this day — police have not named a suspect. However, Crow said there has recently been some progress in the case, as she pieces together the final days and moments of Benn’s life.

“There have been small, small steps made towards progress,” Crow said. “There’s some people that have come forward with tidbits of information that may have seemed irrelevant to them, but actually, [the information] is relevant to the case.”

Benn’s family has said that those tidbits of information that are trickling in can be key to solving the crime.

Benn’s sister, Tonya Sellers, said she’s learned that in the final days of Benn’s life, she confided in a few friends that she felt that her life was in danger.

“Every little piece of information has made something else make sense,” said Sellers, Benn’s sister. “In this whole investigation, in the case, in the days leading up to my sister’s death. Everything makes perfect sense when those little pieces come into play.”

Sellers shared this information Tuesday, at a gas station on Quintard Ave. S., across from the Quintard Mall.

Police say that after an evening out at Dee Ford’s bar in Anniston, Benn and Dulaney went to this gas station, where surveillance cameras captured her last known whereabouts; before her body was found in a creek a month later.

“Theresa remained in the vehicle while her ex-husband walked inside to purchase something,” Sellers said.

That video has not been released.

“To me, the truth stops here,” Sellers said. “It’s time for the truth to be known about that happened after that vehicle left this parking lot, and how she ended up in Choccolocco Creek.”

“Just feeling like you know the answer, but you can’t prove it, it’s very difficult,” Crow said. “I think society, and people that think this person did it, don’t realize that we may feel the same way. We still have to have evidence. We still have to have enough evidence to present to a District Attorney’s office that’s willing to get us a warrant and that someone is granted a fair trial. We only have one chance…Theresa just deserves justice, and her family deserves justice.”

Crow said people are still coming forward with information in this case.

“I know that there’s more people out there that know more,” Crow said. “I really want to stress that if there are people that know something, that have withheld information that can be useful, ultimately they can be charged with a crime also. So now would be the time to come forward with any information that would help this case.”

She said even if you have information that you might think is insignificant – now is the time to share it: as the truth looms closer.

Sellers believes that justice will be served, and hopes to see it served soon.

“Someone who can take somebody’s life like that, and just discard them like trash, into a creek– they don’t deserve to be walking around today,” Sellers said.

If you have any information that can lead to an arrest in the case, Lincoln Police are asking you to call them at (205) 763-4062.

Benn’s family and the office of Governor Robert Bentley are offering a total of $7,000 in reward money to anyone who can provide information that helps solve the case.

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