Birmingham mother wants justice after bullies attack her son, grandmother and herself

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A mother is outraged and hurt after her son was reportedly bullied and beat up by four classmates who attends Jackson Olin High School.

“He don’t bother nobody, if you know my son Cantrell, you know he don’t bother nobody,” said Latoya Hudson.

Hudson said she hasn’t been able to sleep or eat since her son Cantrell Furr was brutally stomped and beaten right in front of her.

Monday, after school in front of her home Hudson heard arguing and a yell from her 65-year-old mother, “I heard her scream outside, she said Toya come outside it’s finna be a fight,” Hudson said.

“It hurt so bad to see my son get stomped in the head, kicked in the back, kicked in the side, they didn’t care, and had no regards for human life,” she said.

The camera recorded as the four young men began attacking her son.

“The shocker is when he threw me on the ground, he threw me on the ground, he had no respect for me what so ever,” Hudson said.

After she was thrown to the ground–the child’s grandmother collapsed on top of the young man to try and get them to stop hitting him but that didn’t stop them either.

“He still came and was kicking and kicking and kicking, they didn’t care that this elderly lady, 65-years old out there – I’m hurt.”

LaToya Hudson rewatched the video, and she said her heart breaks more and more each time.

“He scared for his life, he scared for his safety because they still making threats against me and him, we read on one of the lil boy’s post that it’s going to be around 2 and he’s going to beat me up, and we are afraid for our lives but I got to stand up for what’s right,” Hudson said.

Hudson admits this won’t be easy to forget, but she has a message for her son’s attackers, “I hope the message that I send out to these guys that did this to him–next time they think about their actions before they do it.”

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