Six apartments burglarized in Vestavia Hills

VESTAVIA, Ala. (WIAT) — Vestavia Hills police are looking for the culprits responsible for six burglaries at three apartment complexes near Massey Road. All of the burglaries happened within the last week.

Cachitta Agee and her grandson had been at her son’s unit at Vestawood Apartment Homes not long before it was burglarized.

“We are just so thankful that he and I had left. The Lord took care of us,” said Agee. “I don’t know if I had been there what would’ve happened.”

Agee said just two hours after she left, her daughter-in-law called. Two TVs, a game system, and a basket of snacks, among other items had been taken.

“Snacks! They took all the snacks! I just don’t understand that,” said Agee.

Two other units at that same apartment complex were burglarized during the same time period. Then two days later, two more burglaries at two other nearby apartment complexes. Police say all of the apartments were unoccupied when the break-ins occurred.

Police say the sixth report is actually an attempted burglary. Nothing was stolen.

“With the police being over here so much and the way they crack down, I’m surprised that they’re doing it over here,” said Mountain Lodge Apartments resident Dominique Kent. He said he’s not worried about safety — it’s a good area — but he’ll be keeping an eye out.

“I’d rather be in the house to stop them. I’m ain’t saying to hurt them, but to stop them,” said Kent.

“I heard one of my sons saying ‘I think I might need to get me a pistol,’” said Agee.

Instead, she says she’s encouraging both of her sons to get an alarm system.

Vestavia police are encouraging residents in the area to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately. Anyone with any information about the crimes should contact the Vestavia Hills Police Department.

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