One Class at a Time: Shelby Elementary School

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Monday morning, Ms. Kristal Lawrence thought she was being put on the spot during a school assembly at Shelby Elementary School. Instead, the One Class at a Time team surprised her with a $1,000 grant check.

Lawrence wants to use the money to buy something unique for her classroom and is thankful for the generous sponsorship from America’s First Financial, Little Caesars and Pepsi!

“I’m appreciative of anything that they give us for this classroom because these kids are getting an opportunity that otherwise, they wouldn’t have,” said Lawrence.

The money is going to be used for a new 3D printer. The class had a small one that stopped working a few month ago. Lawrence says that her students were inspired by the idea of endless possibilities that comes with 3D printing engineering.

“Some of the students had researched about (veterans) who had lost limbs. And there are bigger models (of 3D printers) that can create things like that. But what I want for our classroom is the process where they can learn how to create. Because using 3D printing technology, they can build (items) as big as they want,” Lawrence said.

She can’t wait to restore the enthusiasm that the old 3D printer created in her classroom.

“They’re just real interested! So we want to go with a higher end version and let them start the engineering process. It starts here, and they learn as they go,” said Lawrence.

If you would like to win a One Class at a Time grant, all you have to do is click here and tell us why your class deserves the money. Next week, we might stop by your school with a giant check in hand!

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