Parents come forward about bullying, fighting at Jackson-Olin HS

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “There is a lot of bullying that’s going on at Jackson Olin High School,” said Latoya Hudson whose son was attacked by four classmates in front of her home, Monday.

After the recent video of her son Cantrell being stomped by fellow students, other parents expressed outrage and a sense of solidarity.

“So many parents have reached out to me and said this situation happened to me, one lady reached out to me the other day and said six boys jumped her son inside Jackson Olin High School,” Hudson said.

“It was a very bitter sweet situation here, he was bullied twice and beaten and it was placed on social media twice,” said Erika Harrison whose son Torren was also bullied and beaten at the school less than two years ago in December 2014.

When she saw the most recent video of Latoya’s son being beaten on camera, “it was a breath taker, it made me feel like we were re-going through the same thing that happened to Tevin, Tatiana and her brother James,” Harrison said.

Around the same time in December 2014 when her son was bullied, another incident was also caught on camera of Melinda Taylor’s son and daughter, who was pregnant at the time – being attacked by classmates.

“Something needs to be done about the school system, it’s not just Jackson Olin, it’s Birmingham school system period, they’re lacking the communication and trying to help,” Harrison said.

CBS42 News reached out Birmingham City Schools and received the following response from spokesperson Chanda Temple:

Whenever a school receives a complaint of bullying or anything else that goes against the school district’s student code of conduct, that school takes every effort to investigate. However, a school cannot investigate a complaint or address a situation if it is not brought to the school’s attention.

“As soon as Jackson-Olin High School officials were made aware of a Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 altercation, which happened after school hours, off school property and involved four Jackson-Olin High School students and another Jackson-Olin student, an investigation was launched. The investigation revealed there was no bullying at the school or on the school bus prior to the altercation. Prior to this incident happening, the school had not received any complaints of bullying connected to this situation.

School safety and security of students and staff remain a top priority of the school and of the district. Disciplinary actions have been taken against the four students involved in the Oct. 17 altercation.

The school continues to investigate this matter.”

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