UAB students react to last presidential debate

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — CBS42 invited a group of UAB political science students to the CBS42 studios to weigh in with their analysis of the debate and give us their take on how things have shaped up.

A group of about a dozen students had a lot to say about the last presidential debate before Election Day. Many of them said they anticipated a lot of back and forth between the candidates and that’s exactly what they saw.

Several students had a pretty good idea of who they were voting for before last night’s debate, but some were still interested in hearing more about how the candidates stood on issues that mattered to them.

One Trump supporter said when it came down to it, Hillary Clinton was the standout.

“She has strong ability to get Trump on his heels and get him frustrated and that’s when he starts making mistakes and saying things that aren’t totally rational,” said Christopher Owens.

“Even the name calling between Trump and Clinton, I don’t think I remember any other presidential debates that have been like this,” said Caleb Hill.

The issue of reproductive rights was important to some students and became a deciding factor for who they would vote for.

“The likelihood is that he would put judges on the Supreme Court who are pro-life and pro-family and I think that’s really important,” said Elizabeth Earwood.

“Hillary was talking about women’s reproductive rights, I think she got really passionate, which we rarely see from her,” said Marlee Townsend.

Most of the students said the back and forth between the candidates got in the way, especially when it came to comments made about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I wish Trump would distance himself from Putin somewhat, he makes himself seem like too much of an ally, but I also think Hillary Clinton, the rhetoric she uses against Putin, is going to threaten the Russian-U.S. relations in my opinion,” said Owens.

Last night’s final presidential debate allowed some students to really solidify their choice for President.

Christopher Owens has decided to vote for Trump, “because I don’t think the United States can go with the same policies we’ve seen the last 8 years which is what we’ll get with Hillary Clinton,” he said.

“I’ve decided to vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe that she will support my rights as a woman,” said Townsend.

“I did a protest vote, I’m pretty disgusted with both parties at the moment and voted for the Libertarian,” said Hill.

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