City of Tarrant declares water emergency


TARRANT, Ala. (WIAT) — The Mayor of the City of Tarrant has declared the existence of a water emergency in the area. Ordinance Number 781 for Tarrant details what uses of water are now prohibited. You can see the list below:

Watering yards. The sprinkling, watering or irrigating of shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, ground covers, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers, or any other vegetation.

Washing mobile equipment. The washing of automobiles, trucks, trailers, trailer-houses, railroad cars,  or any other type of mobile equipment, except as to motor vehicles where such washing is accomplished by a commercial automatic car wash installation engaged in the business of washing motor vehicles.

Cleaning outdoor surfaces. The washing of sidewalks, driveways, filling station aprons, porches and other outdoor surfaces.

Cleaning buildings. The washing of the outside of dwellings; the washing of the inside and outside of office buildings.

Cleaning equipment and machinery. The washing and cleaning of any business or industrial equipment and machinery.

Ornamental fountains. The operation of any ornamental fountain or other structure making a similar use of water.

Swimming pools. Swimming and wading pools not employing a filter and recirculating system.

Escape through defective plumbing. The escape of water through defective plumbing, which shall mean the knowing permission for defective plumbing to remain out of repair.

Health officials have the authority to permit a reasonable use of water in any case necessary to maintain adequate health and sanitation standards, but those uses would not include any of the reasons mentioned above.

Violators could face fines or even possible jail time.

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