Lake Logan Martin drying up quickly

LINCOLN, Ala. (WIAT) — Lynn Houston says she loves living on Lake Logan Martin, especially when her grandchildren visit, but this year the fun started to dry up a little early.

“It started going down early in the summertime,” said Houston. “By Labor Day, they really had to go far out to be able to swim.”

The water in Lake Logan Martin drops every year around this time — the levels are controlled by Alabama Power dams on either end of the lake — but the drought has made a noticeable impact.

“I can no longer use my ramp so I know if they got their pontoon tied to a pier and they’re not paying attention this year they may have got into a little trouble,” said Phillip Winnett, a resident on Lake Logan Martin.

Winnett says he’s seen levels like this before but typically not until later in the season.

“It hasn’t gone down real rapidly overnight or anything. It started a little bit earlier this year … It’s been going down a little almost daily with the drought conditions,” said Winnett.

According to Lakes Online, a website that tracks levels at Logan Martin, the water level is declining at about the same rate as it did last year, but the decline started earlier. Compared with previous years, the current level is about a month ahead of schedule.

“There’s more hazards out there as the water level drops, if you’re not used to it, you may run across a sand bar or a rock pile or something that previously you may not have hit with the water up,” said Winnett.

But he added there is an upside to the water level being down.

“We get a chance to work on our piers in the winter time if you need to do maintenance, which they do require, so there is an upside to it. If you live here long enough you just get used to it,” said Winnett.

Based on data from previous years, the water level will begin rise again in April when Alabama Power releases water from the dam upstream.

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