Video: Little girl’s pumpkin stolen from Moody front porch by 2 women


MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Moody mom is upset after her daughter’s special pumpkin was taken from their front porch Friday night.

Cyndi Smith says her young daughter was so proud of herself after she and her best friend went to Old Baker Farm and picked out pumpkins. Cyndi tells us Halloween is her little girl’s favorite holiday.

“She was so proud of herself because she carried it back ‘all by herself.’  Halloween is her favorite holiday, and she and her best friend had such a fun time that day. My daughter is 3 years old and when we told her what happened her kind little 3-year-old heart said, ‘Maybe they took it because they didn’t have decorations at their house.'”

Cyndi explained it wasn’t about the monetary value, but about the special memories of picking the pumpkin. She also said about a dozen families were hit by the duo, who stole pumpkins, mums, light projectors and skeletons, then busted the pumpkins all over the road at the entrance to their neighborhood.

“We have a neighborhood full of kids so we really try to do it up by way of decorations for the children,” Smith explained. “And it’s just sad that you can’t have anything nice without someone stealing it/destroying it.”

Moody police released still images of the two women who they say committed several thefts in the area on Friday night and Saturday morning, as well as video (see above) of one of them taking pumpkins. If you can help identify the pair, contact Det. Hicks@205-640-0343 or

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