Amendment 14 could drastically impact people across Alabama

(WIAT) — In two weeks, you will be not only voting on the next president, but also important statewide amendments. We want to make sure you know what you are voting for because Amendment 14 could drastically impact people all across the state.

There is a list of bills impacted by Amendment 14. A lot of these are taxes in each county that help fund everything from education to community hospitals.

It was somewhat of an unwritten rule that lawmakers would only vote on local bills affecting their district, which is far below the number of votes required by the constitution. For example, the Chilton County Hospital vote that set tax money to fund the new hospital, only the legislators representing that area voted on it.

If Amendment 14 does not pass, that is one of the bills that would be thrown out.

“You can’t undo things financial,” Representative Oliver Robinson said. “You can’t go back and unsell a bond and so that in this case you would have to say the bonds that were set aside for the hospitals, you would have to figure out a way to go back give all those bond holders their money, you would have to go back and it would just cause as you stated chaos. And there’s no need to do that.”

A ‘yes’ on Amendment 14 would mean that it is ‘okay’ that these hundreds of bills passed over the past two decades, even though representatives were not exactly following the books with how to vote.

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