Irondale pizza restaurant robbed, suspect still at large

IRONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — A family is hoping that the public can help police catch the man who broke into their pizza restaurant early Tuesday morning.

The surveillance footage from inside Reyes Pizza is time-stamped 4:07 a.m. when a man wearing a baseball cap and a bandanna wrapped around his face breaks in through the glass door. In less than a minute, the man makes a bee-line for the cash register, rips it from the electrical outlet and leaves.

“It was disappointing,” said Luis Reyes, whose parents own Reyes Pizza. “The man was probably desperate for something– needed the cash for something. I mean, if he wanted help, he could have just come in in the afternoon and asked us. He didn’t have to do it that way.”

By lunchtime, the door was fixed and Reyes Pizza was back in business.

Reyes also pointed out that there was no money inside the stolen cash register.

“Nowadays, nobody leaves their money in the cash register,” Reyes said. “That’s pretty dumb.”

Irondale Police, which has a substation three doors down from the restaurant, was able to return the stolen cash register.

Reyes said it was discarded by a nearby gas station.

If you can help investigators identify the man who robbed Reyes Pizza, call the Irondale Police Department at (205) 956-5990.

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