State and Educational leaders hold press conference regarding Amendment 14

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL -(WIAT)-Election Day is November 8, 2016. When heading to the polls people will find Amendment 14 on the ballot. Some state and local leaders want the amendment to pass.

Amendment 14 affects around 700 statewide acts.

State representative Oliver Robinson says passing of the amendment is critical for funding in several areas.

If it does not pass, that funding could be at risk.  Officials say Jefferson County would receive $36-million a year. That money would go toward transportation, roads, and bridges, along with economic development.

“If the amendment does not pass there will be serious setbacks not only for transit but almost every city in this county,” said Max Transit Board Chairman Dr. Patrick Sellers.

Officials say that $18-million annually for around 30 years goes to schools in the Birmingham area.

“Put those dollars on the upkeep of facilities. They can purchase supplies whatever they need to do they can get new teaching units,” said State Representative Oliver Robinson.

Of that 18-million, $6.3 million goes towards Jefferson county schools.

“We have too many kids that are still going to school in portable classrooms or in school buildings that are over 50 years old and this is critical and will allow us to move forward in trying to mediate some of the problems we have,” said Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Pouncey.

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