Argo police officer delivers two roadside babies, days apart

ARGO, Ala. (WIAT) — One police officer delivered two babies to two sets of parents on the side of the road, four days, and less than two blocks, apart.

The first happened on Thursday evening.

Sgt. Mike Jennings with the Argo Police Department said a family was traveling down Interstate 59 from Gadsden to give birth to their third child at a Birmingham hospital.

They didn’t make it to Birmingham.

They called 911, and the dispatcher told them to pull over in Argo.

Jennings was called to help the family. He found them on an entrance ramp off of Liles Ln., which is where he helped deliver a healthy baby girl.

Early Tuesday morning, Jennings got a similar call.

This time, it was from Jack’s, just two blocks away on Liles Ln.

Jennings delivered a second baby in the parking lot. This time, it was a healthy boy.

“I absolutely could not believe that this was happening again, within less than a week’s time,” Jennings said. “We were sitting there having another child on the side of the road. It was more than I’ve ever seen.”

Before Jennings became a police officer, he spent 15 years as a paramedic. During that time, Jennings said he’d helped deliver three babies.

Jennings said both mothers were taken by ambulance to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham.

He said he looks forward to reuniting with both families.

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