Birmingham police investigating two cold case homicides

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Christopher Handley was killed on May 20, 2014 while sitting in a car outside his grandmother’s house on Pearson Avenue.

His sister Aiesha said she was getting her three-year-old daughter ready for bed when she got a phone call that her brother had been shot. She went to the scene and saw him slumped over in the car.

She said since then her daughter, now five years old, has not stopped asking questions about her Uncle Chris’s murder and even has dreams about the family finally getting answers about his death.

Aiesha said right now, the thing they want most is closure.

“Even if the person who did this would come and say ‘Look, would you please just forgive me. Please don’t tell the authorities but just please forgive me for the sin I’ve done, the wrong I’ve caused your family … Not only for yourself, but for your soul — for your soul to be saved,” she said.

Police have been looking for Michael Greene’s killer for 15 years. Greene was visiting a friend on Webb Circle on October 8th, 2001. He was standing at the kitchen sink when someone approached the window from the outside and fired a shot through through the glass.

Greene was taken to the hospital where he fought for his life for 25 days before he died on November 2nd.

His family tells me he was well liked and they can’t think of anyone who would have wanted to do this to him. They say at this point, the family is desperate for answers.

“We are at the point of begging for help so that my children can start back living their lives. So that my grandchildren can get some understanding as to what happened to a grandfather they never got to know,” said Florence Louise Greene, the victim’s widow.

If you have any information about either of these homicides, contact the Birmingham Police Department.

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