Drought conditions worsen across Central Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.(WIAT) — The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows drought conditions continue to worsen across Central Alabama during the past week. Exceptional Drought stretches across the following areas: Abernathy to Oxford to St. Clair Springs. For the remaining areas in Central Alabama, Severe to Extreme

Combine rainfall deficits of seven to fifteen inches or more for the year have been observed in many locations in the area.

Soil moisture is extremely low as well. This impacts agriculture and the overall vegetation, turning grass, trees and other plants into dead, dry and easily flammable debris.

Area lakes, creeks and streams are also drying up. Leading to water restrictions for many, with the wild fire risk on the high and dangerous side.

More moisture is forecast to increase across the area Wednesday into Thursday. Relative humidity will increase along with cloud cover.

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