Samford students target of off-campus car break-ins

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Two Samford University students had their cars broken into early Saturday morning, according to police. It’s not what the alleged thieves took, but rather what they left behind that has officers interested.

“This is where the glass was just hanging on to the tint,” Ashton Nix said, holding up part of the smashed window.

“Its still in the back of my car.” Nix, a student at Samford University, discovered his Tahoe was broken into Saturday morning. It’s something he never thought would happen.

“It makes me a little nervous to leave stuff in my car. I never thought anything of it before,” Nix said. He had his golf clubs in the back. The thieves took about $4,000 worth of stuff. It’s what they left behind that has both Nix and the police scratching their heads; a handwritten note.

“According to the police, it’s very unusual. They said most people in this sort of situation, they’re in and they’re out in a couple of minutes. They try to leave as little trace as possible behind,” Nix explained. The note mentioned not to mess with “my girl” and was filled with expletives.

Homewood police say there were a handful of car break-ins over the weekend. Nix’s friend — who is also a Samford student — was targeted as well. His car also had a note left in it that mentioned staying away from a girl. Neither of them can figure out the connection.

“They don’t know why. We don’t know why. They don’t know who. We don’t know who. We’re hoping to figure some of this stuff out sooner rather than later.”

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