Chilton County Sheriff intensifying search after second day of wildfires caused by arson

CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE: After two more fires in the area, police have intensified their search for the vehicle, and updated the description.

The vehicle is a dark blue, 80’s-model Ford Ranger with a white stripe running down the side.

ORIGINAL: The Chilton County Sheriff is trying to figure out who drove through rural areas of the county on Thursday, apparently intentionally setting wildfires.

Several acres burned, destroying two abandoned homes, says Sheriff John Shearon.

“It kind of taxed our resources we’ve had available today,” Shearon said.

One fire burned in the Refuge Community, where Jennifer Liveoak lives. She says she saw the smoke when she drove her children to school.

“If there’s somebody doing that, could they start a fire near us, close enough to put us in danger, so yeah, we’re concerned about it,” Liveoak said.

Shearon says witnesses saw a truck near the site of two of the fires, one they described as an 80s-model Ford truck, possibly dark blue, with a stripe running down the tailgate. Witnesses describe the person driving it as a white man in his 40s.

“I’ve talked to several people today that’s been very, very concerned about their property, fire’s gotten close to it. This is people’s lives that someone is messing with. If a fire gets too close and someone is in the residence, it could cost them their lives,” Shearon said.

That’s why he’s asking for people to keep their eyes out for the truck and the person of interest, and to call the sheriff’s office if you have any information about the suspected arsons. You can call (205) 755-4698 during business hours or (205) 755-2511 after.

“You know, this might be a game to somebody, but it’s not a game to us,” Shearon said.

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