Ongoing drought hurting local marine life

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WAIT) — The ongoing drought is having a big impact on local marine life due to low water levels. It’s impacting fish and mussels.

Mussel shells were found in the Cahaba River in Perry County by the Cahaba River Society.

“There was literally hundreds upon hundreds of dead mussels that had been stranded by the low water levels. When you have a rapid drop in water levels sometimes the mussels cannot move away from that situation and find deeper water quick enough,” said Cahaba River Society Field Director Randy Haddock.

In the Birmingham area, there’s also a concern for the mussels.

“These low water levels are causing the water to be still, not moving, and we see algae growth in that situation and can cause the big swings in dissolved oxygen and that can be a problem with the mussels as well,” said Haddock.

Water levels at creeks like Patton Creek have also been going down, impacting fish.

“Those tributary streams are in some places they have gone dry and the fish have been trapped and expired unfortunately,” said Haddock.

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