Take the ‘Red Ribbon Week’ Challenge

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Every 19 minutes someone in the United States dies from prescription drug abuse. That’s a message being spread around the community during Red Ribbon Week to the young and old.

Students at Edgewood Elementary learned about preventing drug abuse through a play put on by the Homewood Middle and High School Peer Helpers.  The students put on a skit for the younger children on Tuesday. Carissa Anthony, the Prevention and Development Coordinator for Homewood City Schools, says their main message is make good choices, “That is absolutely the key message. Is make good choices, be a good friend, support your friends in making healthy choices, and be a good role model to others.”

The group of peer helpers will visit all three of Homewood’s elementary schools this week.

Members of the CBS42 team, including Sherri Jackson, Chris Breece, Stephon Dingle and Chris Renkle, have challenged Homewood High School Peer Helpers in the Addiction Prevention Coalition’s Red Ribbon Week Challenge.

You can take the challenge too! Shoot a video of you saying “Red Ribbon Week” as fast as you can 19 times and post it on our Facebook page.

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