Rally raises awareness of violence against transgender women

BIRMINGHAM- People gathered at Kelly Ingram Park, Saturday to raise awareness for the issue of violence against transgender women.

Sinseriti, a mother spoke about an incident involving her Transgender daughter Jessica.

“By shooting someone and not only shooting someone, shooting someone who is transwoman, but also transwoman of color and to shoot her and tell her bye and leave something is wrong in his head,” said Sinseriti.

Sinseriti daughter was shot on October 3rd. She spoke to supporters from Huntsviille, Montgomery, and in Birmingham Saturday.

“The severity of her injuries were life threatening but by the grace of god and our community coming together and praying for her she was able to come out, she still has more surgeries to go so he’s put her life in a really bad situation,” said Sinseriti.

Last month, another transgender woman was shot and killed.  Jazz Alfred was shot at the Kings Inn on Third Avenue on September 23rd.

23-year-old Denzell Thomas has been charged with Alfred’s murder and attempted murder for shooting of Jessica.

Sinseriti wants to see the violence stop.

“We have a voice and our voice needs to be heard,” said SInseriti.



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