Tuscaloosa councilman seeks to implement party ordinance

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) -A Tuscaloosa City Council member wants to take steps to keep neighborhoods in the city safer.

Councilman Kip Tyner is proposing a new ordinance for residents wanting to host large house parties.  Tyner plan would mean that residents would have to get a permit from the city before having house parties.

“I’m going to propose and it probably won’t be very popular, that people who are expecting to have big house parties will have to come get a permit with the city.  That will hold one person responsible” Tyner said.

This proposal comes as a result of a murder late Wednesday night in the Alberta Community of Tuscaloosa.  Police say 19 year old Kieric Diangelo Mitchell allegedly gunned down 30 year old Quinton Allen Doughty after an altercation during a large house party.  The shooting happened around 10:30 Wednesday night at 24th Avenue East.

A crowd of 100 people were gathered at the location just prior to the shooting.  Not everyone supports the proposed ordinance.  Alberta resident Crystal Guyton is against it.

“I don’t think it will help, I disagree with it because there should be more patrols all the time.  We live too close to a precinct for someone to just come around when it’s a problem or when it’s a party.  We need more patrols on a regular basis” Guyton said.

But City Councilman Kip Tyner believes it will make a difference and could save lives.  He says when a permit is handed out Police will know what is going on and can add more patrols to that area.

“Somebody needs to be responsible, it’s not fair for the people who live in the neighborhoods, not fair to the next door neighbor, it is not fair for the noise ordinance to be violated and it is not fair for people to be parking in front of mailboxes”.

Wednesday night’s homicide is the 14th within Tuscaloosa city limits this year.   Something Tyner says is too many.

“I am very sad for two families, they lost a loved one and another’s life basically has been thrown away.  It is so sad in this society today that we have to settle things with violence.”

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