Alabama A&M student runs food pantry to help classmates

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — One Alabama A&M University student is going above and beyond to help others with the necessities of life.

Justin Franks is a full-time college student who also works a full time job. Even with all of that on his plate, he has managed to find time to run a food pantry to help classmates in his dorm.

“I started with pretty much just noodles and Capri Suns and I had a few household products like tissue and water,” Franks said. “To me, it just makes me feel like I’m blessing someone. I’m a religious person and I feel like I can bless a student. Some nights, students will be like ‘Man, I really appreciate this because I didn’t have anything to eat.’”

Franks has helped nearly 100 students so far. Students are able to get up to three items twice a week.

Franks is already training someone else to make sure the pantry can continue long after he graduates.

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