Ashley’s Mom Monday: Halloween candy buy back

(WIAT) — Have you ever heard the saying “put your money where your mouth is”? Well, I’m just going to show you just how to do that and all for a good cause with all that leftover Halloween candy.

For many kids, Halloween is the sweetest holiday, but for a dentist and orthodontist, it can be the scariest.

“The day after Halloween is almost like a black Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, if you will, because there are so many orthodontic appliances or braces broken,” Orthodontist Dr. Hufham said. “So, we thought maybe this would help two causes. We get the candy out of braces, so to speak, but also give it to a very worthy cause. “

Dr. Hufham will buy back your little one’s loot. After all, there is approximately 600 million pounds of candy sold in the US each year, which is the equivalent to the weight of 13 statues of liberty.

“We’ll buy it back for a dollar a pound, up to 5 pounds,” Dr. Hufham said.

Now, what happens to all that candy?

“We do send it to the troops overseas via operation gratitude,” Dr. Hufham explained. “We box it up and we take care of all the expenses and mail it to the troops and it’s just a way that kids can look to something that is greater than themselves.”

In turn, the troops give most of the candy away, building relationships with local children. This simple idea has become a national movement and Dr. Hufham is just one of several in our area participating in the candy buy back.

To find if there is a dentist or orthodontist office in your community involved in the Candy Buy Back, click here.

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