Central Park grieves death of 6-year-old Patricia Moore

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “She’s very cute and kind,” said six-year-old Gabryelle Stanton of her friend Patricia Moore. They were classmates at Central Park Elementary School. “I love her.”

She said they played games together like tag and pat-a-cake and hide-and-go-seek, but those times are over. Patricia Moore was hit and killed by a truck along Bessemer Road before school Wednesday.

“What I saw yesterday took a toll on me to see a baby laying out there like that,” said Roman Speight. He lives on Bessemer Road right where Patricia was hit.

“I heard some kids, but that’s what I hear every morning. I said ‘What are those kids doing out there playing this early?’” he said.

That’s when he saw what had happened. He said it’s not uncommon for children to come from the school to get candy or snacks at the gas station next door. But that means they have to cross Bessemer Road.

“I’ve crossed it one time and I had to run and before I got in the third lane it had changed,” said Speight.

And Speight was following the light. Many residents have said today the red light just doesn’t give anyone enough time to get across safely.

“It’s a very busy road,” said Stephanie King. She travels Bessemer Road through the area every day. She was passing by yesterday as police arrived on the scene.

“It’s affecting the school, it’s affecting the community and everyone else,” said King.

Outside his store, Yosef Alsabah has started collecting donations for the funeral and a book of kind words for the family.

“They come to the store here with their mom all the time,” said Alsabah. “We all feel the same sorrow for her family and we need to try to help her and her family.”

Linda Johnson is a member of that family and she’s handling Patricia’s funeral arrangements.

“They’re taking it as well as can be expected. It’s hard. It’s a child,” she said of the family.

She said anyone who wants to make donations can make them directly to Integrity Funeral Home in Hueytown.

The funeral home is located at 1011 Brooklane Dr, Hueytown, Alabama. They can be reached by phone at (205) 491-1006.

Patricia wasn’t crossing at a light when she got hit, but electrical crews were out checking the crossing signals at Bessemer Road and Avenue Q today. Residents have said the crossing lights there aren’t working consistently and they want them fixed.




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