Mother outraged at daughter’s alleged killer, possible link to another murder

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Brandon Woodall sits behind bars, charged with capital murder in the death of his girlfriend Kaeyleah Lewis.

“That bastard watched me leave and when I left he came in and murdered my child in cold blood and shot her down like a dog in the street, with no remorse,” said Ronnie Battle, the mother of the victim.

Ronni Battle says that the murder of her daughter reminds her of keys that she lost – that she may never be able to find again.

“He didn’t have to keep pumping bullets into my child, into my baby,” Battle said. “And he knew how much he loved my child.”

“I never thought in a million years he would have robbed her of her life at the age of 25.”

Now charged with capital murder in his girlfriend’s death, Woodall has many people raising questions about the mysterious 2012 shooting death of the mother of his child, Antanisha Dawson.

“And the case went cold they never found the person,” Battle said. “And he’s always denied it, I have questioned him about it before.”

Woodall was not charged in Dawson’s death due to lack of evidence – but the pattern by which Kaeyleah Lewis was murdered has this mother questioning all the red flags that popped up.

“He always had a conniving way of coming back and getting under her skin and make her think it was okay,” Battle said. “He would give her things that he knew she wanted to keep her attention.”

But even after trying to leave the relationship – it was too late – and this mother knew.

“When your child comes to you and got this blank look on her face and she can’t tell you what’s wrong but it’s something wrong, knowing your motherly instincts,” Battle said. “And you know something ain’t right, but the child won’t tell you and you know something ain’t right because the child gets closer to you.”

The victim’s aunt told CBS42 News this past Sunday night that she and Kaeyleah talked and she said she wanted to leave Woodall, but feared for her family.

Just a day later, early Tuesday morning is when she was killed.

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian released a statement regarding the arrest of Woodall:

“Obviously we are looking at him on our case as well. Apparently he settles his disputes by cold-blooded murder. That is the type of person we always knew we would find responsible in Antanisha’s murder,” Christian said.

“She was discarded on the side of the road like she was nothing,” he said. “She deserves justice. Her family deserves justice.”


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