A mother’s hope for justice 4 years later

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “If he did it I wish he would confess and come clean with himself, I’ve prayed for so long, I mean everyday, all day, I mean I be around here laugh everyday but it’s hard,” said Sharon Dawson.

Her daughter Antanisha Dawson was murdered four years ago in 2012 while she was dating the father of her then 1-year old son, Brandon Woodall.

Woodall was charged this week with capital murder in the shooting death of his most recent girlfriend Kaeyleah Lewis.

This charged prompted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to release a statement announcing that Woodall would be now looked at as a suspect in Dawson’s death.

“It’s an upsetting moment, it’s just like a re-run all over again,” said Dawson who shares the grief of Lewis’ mother Ronni Battle.

“I feel her pain, I feel it everyday, nothing can take that feeling from a mom,” Dawson said.

“I never thought in a million years he would have robbed her of her life at the age of 25,” cried Battle.

Two mothers haunted by the loss of their daughters, possibly by the same man they once dated.

“I feel for this mom, I mean I really do, she lost her child, the children don’t have a mom,” Dawson said.

However, her now 5-year old grandson provides her a glimmer of hope and an unbreakable link to her daughter Antanisha, but a grim reminder as the child bears the last name of his father Brandon Woodall.

“We just keep the Lord in him, you know, sometimes I don’t know what to say to him, what’ll be like when he gets grown, but we pray and we just ask God to work with us on that.”




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