Alabama Democratic and Republican parties discuss Election Day plans

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Trump will campaign in five states Monday, including Florida and Pennsylvania.

Clinton will also make stops in Pennsylvania with Bill and Chelsea Clinton, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Locally, people are taking things into their own hands are are trying to make sure people get out and vote.

Daniel Felder says he’s spending his mornings going from spot to spot with a sign along 280 encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Felder says says there were quite a few people who honked in support, but there were plenty of people who gave him the thumbs down.

He says he likes Trump, thinks he’s a great guy, but says he thinks it’s time for a woman to be president.

“She’s powerful, she’s experienced, she’s the best candidate for the job,” Felder said.

Roy Brook, another popular face in Central Alabama, who’s known for waving the American Flag, chimed in on Election Day.

He says he waves the flag as an act of support for his country and his flag. He says in the days leading up to Election Day he wants people to show their support for the country with their vote.

“Who I’m going to vote for is America, I’m going to vote for America, and everybody should vote for whoever they think is best for America,” Brook said.

Locally, the Jefferson County Democratic Party and the Alabama Republican Party are keeping a close eye on their presidential candidates.

Richard Mauk, the chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, says he’s excited and thinks Hillary Clinton has done pretty well so far.

He thinks Clinton will carry the election despite all of the back and forth between both sides.

“Lots of innuendos, lots of lies, more so than you normally see in an election year, but I think the truth will prevail,” said Mauk.

The Alabama Republican Party’s chairman says the party is proud of the strength of the state and feels confident people will vote for Donald Trump.

In a statement to CBS42, ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan said, “If Mr. Trump is virtually tied with $300 million of negative ads thrown at him and a virtual blackout of national media attention to Hillary Clinton’s current FBI investigation scandal, the momentum of our highly motivated voters can tip the race to him. We are ready to stop the liberals from occupying the White House. Our early vote numbers around the nation are strong. Our nation is at a dire crossroads and we plan to set a new course on Tuesday. America has the best electoral process in the world. It’s worth the battle taking place. We are hungry for someone who talks about the constitution and the principles our nation was founded-not someone who uses the office for a cash machine and pure personal power. We are proud of the strength that Alabama will serve in this process as we vote for Mr. Trump and our Republican team.”

Stay with CBS42 for complete coverage of Election Day results.

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