Water levels at Smith Lake continue to drop during drought

SMITH LAKE, Ala. (WIAT) — Water levels at Smith Lake have gone down significantly.

“They are low–bad low,” said fisherman Buddy Hitt.

In certain parts of the lake, the water has dried up. CBS42 following along with workers at the Smith Lake Marina who towed a boat that got stuck.

“They left it over the 4th of July weekend, went home, and stayed gone for sometime and they came back, and found out there boat is on the shore, when it was in the water before,” said Smith Lake worker Mitchell Baker.

With some heavy machinery and some rope, the boat was pushed back into the water.

Baker explained they are used to renting pontoons this time of year, but say they stopped renting them two weeks ago.

“We are afraid for anyone to go out on the pontoon because of debris in the water, because of the low levels in the lake,” said Baker.

Despite the low levels, people are still out on water enjoying themselves. Buddy Hitt frequently fishes at Smith Lake. He was out on the lake and caught several fish Monday. He said he’s been extra cautious on the water.

“It’s so shallow you have to run real slow in a lot of spots because if you’re not careful, you will run over stumps and stuff like that,” said Hitt.

Becky Wood lives at the RV Park. She said she knows people who have had boats damaged hitting rocks in the water.

“It took a chunk out of the metal on the motor part and last week,” said Wood.

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