Political professor scrutinizes inaccurate polls, talks shop with students


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — As the results from the presidential election roll in, political analysts are scrutinizing the election.

Specifically, pundits are trying to see how all the polls that showed Hillary Clinton ahead in the race got it so wrong.

Pundits like Allen Linken, a University of Alabama political science professor, whom held a discussion in class Wednesday morning with his students about the Trump victory.

Linken told CBS42 News that he wasn’t shocked with the election results because many political polls can be inaccurate and not trustworthy.

“You can look at sites like Huffington Post which had a 99 percent chance for Clinton to win, you can look at sites like 538 that was one of the most conservative sites that had a 75 percent chance for Clinton to win.
Linken said. “Everybody got it wrong, the question is, ‘Why or how did they get it wrong?’ Part of it is, I think, a snapshot because of the late breaking news with Clintons emails.”.

The Political Science professor says he plans to discuss the election topic for days to come with his classes.

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