Anti-Donald Trump rally held in Birmingham’s Kelly-Ingram Park

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — People are gathering right now in downtown Birmingham for an anti-Donald Trump rally.

Organizers told us they want this to be a peaceful demonstration, but they have some concerns for their safety. So, they’ve asked police to come out just in case after they received threats and hateful messages when they posted the event on Facebook.

There were death threats and derogatory slurs posted. One person even wrote, “Get the water hoses and dogs out.” Still, organizers say they’re not going to respond to any threats or hateful rhetoric.

“It’s at this point and the tensions are so high in our nation, that responding with anything is just going to escalate the violence. and that’s not what we’re here to do,” organizer Jordan Giddens said.

There are counter-demonstrations planned at the park for the same time by Donald Trump supporters.

CBS42 went live on Facebook from the rally, but were forced to delete the video due to an explicit chant.

We downloaded the video before deleting it, and cut out the part with vulgar language. You can watch it below.

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