Rachel on the Road: Birmingham Boulders

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — First Avenue Rocks has been Birmingham’s local climbing gym for the last seven years that is has been operating. Recently, the doors closed for a temporary renovation. When the owners Ryan and Emily Cavender closed those doors, they opened another.

Birmingham Boulders, which is located at 136 Industrial Dr, Birmingham, AL 35211, is three and a half times the size of their first facility, First Ave. Ambassador of the climbing facilities said this new space is great for the little ones who love to climb. “We are really excited about opening Birmingham Boulders because there’s a lot more here for the kids to do and there’s a lot more here for families to do as well,” Ryan Cavender said.

If you are looking for an activity for you or your child, click here for membership and program details. If you are a professional climber looking to train, at Birmingham Boulders there is an additional space called Forge. Forge is the largest climbing training facility in the country, and it’s here in Birmingham! For more information on the 24/7 training gym, clikc here.

For hours of operation and ticket price details, click here.

Don’t miss next week’s Rachel on the Road! To submit an idea of where Rachel should road trip to next, e-mail her at Rachel.Lundberg@wiat.com

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