‘TSA Cares’ helping disabled passengers navigate through security

(WIAT) — For many wounded veterans, going through airport security is extremely uncomfortable. The TSA wants to make sure all veterans know about a program making things much more relaxed.

TSA Cares helps passengers with disabilities navigate through the sometimes overwhelming security checkpoint. All they have to do is call ahead of time and the TSA will help expedite them through the screening process using what they call a passenger support specialist.

“We want to make it easier for you, we don’t want to hassle anyone when they’re going through the security process we want to make it as comfortable for them as it can be but we really want to underline that we’re here to keep everybody safe it’s a security thing first,” said Mark Howell, a TSA spokesperson.

For many wounded veterans, going through security can be extremely overwhelming, especially if they are an amputee and do not know what to expect at the security checkpoint.

Army veteran Matthew Pundyk has a prosthetic leg, which caused him to be a little concerned about having to go through security.

“I’d like to get through the gate as quick as possible and not to just be set aside and treated any differently,”

The TSA asks that you call 72 hours before your scheduled flight to make sure a passenger support specialist can meet you curbside.

For information on TSA Cares or to contact them, click here.

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