Dreamland BBQ’s Betsy McAtee reveals secret homemade chili recipe

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Now that the weather is colder outside, we’re all thinking about cozy fall and winter recipes. In the spirit of giving, Dreamland BBQ’s Betsy McAtee is sharing their famous homemade chili recipe with our readers and viewers.

“This is so easy and it’s delicious,” said McAtee. “I’m all about simple. And it’s great because you can make this chili in a pot, on the stove, or I do mine in a Crock Pot.”

McAtee says one of the best parts about using a slow cooker is that your house fills with the aroma of a delicious home cooked meal.

“The first thing you do is you brown your meat. You can either use ground beef or ground turkey. I’ve used ground turkey. Just do a light browning on it. Then I add two cans of the diced tomatoes. And if you want to have a little more spice to it, they do have the tomatoes that have a little more of a spicy nature,” McAtee said.

Her next secret is to mix four different kinds of beans. She uses dark red kidney beans, light red kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans in a chili sauce. She adds the full cans to the mixture excluding the black means which she drains first.

“The reason I like to drain those is because it has that black color and I think it discolors the chili a little bit,” said McAtee.

After that, add a full package of the Dreamland Chili Spice Kit to the mixture. Order your spice mix here.

“You want to make sure you get your spice in there while it’s cooking. And then we’re just going to leave this on for four to six hours and let it do it’s magic!”

Fun fact; this is not the same chili that you can order from Dreamland! You’ll have to make this chili at home.

Print the full recipe here: Dreamland Chili

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