Birmingham Zoo conserves water during drought

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A short walk around the Birmingham Zoo reveals clear evidence of Alabama’s long drought. The natural creeks and streams are drying up, and much of the vegetation is dried up as well. Even some of the spring-fed ponds on the property are lower than they normally would be.

The zoo is exempt from the restrictions under the drought emergency, but they’re still taking steps to conserve water. Normally, around this time of year, the zoo would be doing a lot of hosing and pressure washing to clean up for next season, but they’ve decided to put that on hold. They’ve also shut down their irrigation system, and they’re not doing any perimeter watering either.

“The only water we’re really using here is for sanitation, for drinking for employees and guests, and also of course for animal welfare so we’re making sure that all of our animals are being taken care of no matter what,” said Birmingham Zoo Registrar Lindsey Herron.

The animal pools are still in use and will continue to be used. Some of the animals use them for drinking water. Others need it for health and medical reasons.

All of the moving water on the property like fountains are on recirculating systems.

Herron says they’ll do whatever they have to do until they finally get some rain.

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