Homewood mom says moldy apartment landed her young daughter in the hospital

Courtesy Faye Carr James

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A Homewood mom is looking for relief from a mold problem, which she says has made her sick and landed her 12-year-old daughter in the hospital.

Faye Carr James says she’s been living at The Park at Buckingham apartments in Homewood since early September, and has been dealing with mold in the unit from the very beginning.

She pointed out spots in the linen closet and around the air conditioning unit where mold had been sprayed with bleach by maintenance workers.

“Spraying it’s not going to get it because it’s mold,” said James.  “You’re going to have to replace that sheet rock.”

James said she used to manage a hotel and rent properties for a living, so she is familiar with mold and how to deal with it.

While James is recovering from a respiratory infection, for which she blames the mold, her biggest concern is her daughter, Amya, who is asthmatic and allergic to mold.

James said Amya started getting headaches and struggling to breathe within days of moving in.

“My little girl, just last week, was rushed to the hospital. She had to be stabilized,” James said. “It breaks my heart because as a mother, it’s my job to protect her and make sure that she’s safe.”

James explained that since she and Amya just moved to the apartment in September, she can’t afford the cost of relocating.

Management at the Park at Buckingham agreed to move the mother and daughter to a different unit. James said it took weeks, but management did find an apartment for her.

“I said, ‘OK, let me just get the movers together and I need to walk the property first,'” James recalled.

James said that when she contacted management one day later, the unit had already been rented to another tenant. Her current unit was rented to someone as well.

Now, she’s not just frustrated over her own situation,

“This is not right,” James said. “You shouldn’t rent a unit when you know that it’s a health issue just for revenue. That’s not right.”

We reached out to the managers at the complex this afternoon but haven’t heard back. We do understand sometimes these things take time, so when they respond, we’ll be sure to update this with their response.

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