‘Operation Help and Hope’ launches Saturday, Nov. 19

(WIAT) — The Worship Center Church, with locations in Bessemer, Huffman and Anniston is mobilizing to serve the homeless and other needy individuals as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday season. The church is calling its campaign Operation Help and Hope. To reach an expected 1,000 homeless individuals and others, the church is seeking hundreds of volunteers to join the 300 volunteers from the church.

On Sunday, the message at the Worship Center’s church services centered on the overwhelming need to assist the homeless. Those in church services at all of its campuses saw Pastor Van Moody standing in front of the video screen with the image of the campaign on it. He focused his message on what Operation Help and Hope was all about.

Pastor Moody told the congregants, “Its giving away coats, giving away meals, cutting hair, doing hair and all the other services we’ll provide. It’s about understanding that we are here doing this because He made a way for us.”

Operation Help and Hope launches this Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., at the Boutwell Auditorium, located at 1930 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Boulevard, in Birmingham. The church will provide food, grooming services for men and women, health screenings, legal assistance, meals and clothing items to include coats, gloves, hats and scarfs. Also, there will be employers on site conducting job interviews. The event is free and open to the public.

Pastor Moody talked about why it’s so important to help the homeless. “Many shelters in our own city and state are packed and it’s because there’s a growing need but often what we do we will walk by and see someone in need and not do anything so we want to mobilize not only our church but our community and more individuals to get involved to help us make a difference.”

Based on conversations with the homeless shelters, the church expects to serve around 1,000 homeless and needy individuals who are homeless shelter residents. That’s why they are encouraging the public to sign up to volunteer to help on November 19. They are looking for volunteers 18 years or older. Moody wants to remind people that if they can’t volunteer they can also provide clothing to help the homeless keep warm.

To sign up to volunteer, click here. 

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