UA students on edge after reported on-campus rape in dorm room

Joseph Tyler Pitts.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Some University of Alabama students are on edge after a female student was reportedly raped in a dorm room over the weekend.

Cailyn Brumitt says what happened is heartbreaking and frightening. She is a junior at UA, and is telling her friends to be more cautious.

“I think you should definitely watch your surroundings and watch the people you have around you in your inner circle, because it could possibly happen to anyone. And it scares you when it’s on your campus as well and you watch yourself because you see it happening to people around you,” Brumitt said.

19-year-old University of Alabama student Joseph Tyler Pitts was arrested and charged with one count of rape. Tuscaloosa Police say the alleged victim is an 18 year old student. She told police that she and Pitts were drinking Saturday night in a dorm room when she lost consciousness. She says she woke up when her friend walked in and found Pitts on top of her.

UA student Kyana Davis says the incident has shocked her.

“This situation is very sad and shocking..and sad that you put your trust into people and it’s taken from you. They take advantage of it. No means no, a woman has a right to herself just like you have a right yourself.  Imagine it’s your family or your daughter, it is disgusting,” Davis said.

Lt. Kip Hart from Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit says the Sheriff’s Office has investigated nine sexual assaults that were reported this year on campus at the University of Alabama. 22 sex assaults were investigated in 2015.

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